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View Thread: The Windows era is over
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    allenf said:
    figuerres said:

    Quick Question:

    Name me 3 applications that are sold by Microsoft that you install and use daily/weekly on Windows?*


    *NOT COUNTING Office or Visual Studio, Expression Studio would be a stetch too.... IE doesn't count as it's "bundled" with Windows....same goes for Movie Maker/Windows Live Messenger...

  have to think really really hard to come up with 3 MS applications that you use daily/weekly and LOVE that are built on Windows.


    Then look at the Iphone.....I can't count how many Apple and non Apple applications I've's literally DOZENS.


    Windows might not be dead....but it's dead BORING.

    and i can't list apps not made by MSFT that i use all the time?

    i can't list games?


    is this about windows beeing dead or what? sounds like you have a goal and you are setting your own rules to prove your idea.