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    brian.shapiro said:
    DCMonkey said:

    In early Windows 7 builds there was something called a "Programs Explorer":



    Generic Forum Image


    That's a good start. I'd make the items on the left under "All Programs' like Explorer favorties; based program metadata (I notice the icons in that screenshot have "Publisher" metadata) and end user tagging. I would only include a few default items like "Recently Installed", "Gadgets" and "Games". I'm not sure I'd put "Windows Features" there*.


    I don't think the Uninstall links should be there. They should be buttons on the toolbar that appear for the selected program(s). I would instead have links to the App Store (which would display integrated into the shell) and to a list of available program updates.


    As for the suggestion that it replace the Start Menu, that is coming from two directions. One is the discussion in that other thread about how cramped the All Programs list is (though I suppose linking this to that menu item would solve the problem). The other is that with commonly used apps on the Task Bar and Jump Lists (put recently used apps on the PM jump list and the common folders on the FM jump list), the Start Menu seems a bit redundant.


    * I'm not 100% sure of this opinion, but I think OS configuration and updates should be separate from end user app updating UI wise, even if they share common back-end infrastructure.