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View Thread: MetroTwit beta is up
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    intelman said:
    PaoloM said:

    Even if that is the case, that is still pretty lame.

    Not really, anyway..


    Visually its certainly 'inspired' by metro, by that I mean, pretty much a ripoff, however I think that was the aim, to try and see if some UI unity could be created, and the UI/UX works great already.


    The app works really well, and its really nice to see clickonce being used, not only does it have a fantastic install experience, but uninstalling is great too (I'm not really a twitter desktop client user).


    The funny thing is this makes me almost depressed, clickonce and wpf has been available for some time now, and offers a fantastic app experience on windows, but isn't at all the experience people think of when windows is mentioned.. I'm pretty sick of the PC hardware/software campers who are willing to make meagre, dull windows software/hardware. That said, I guess with so many 'cooks' the vision for the windows platform is insanely vague, and I guess that's why apple are doing so well by having their own defined universe.