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    Shining Arcanine said:
    blowdart said:

    I seem to have become spoiled by Gentoo Linux. It does nothing for me. I need to specify everything that I want it to do, so doing things like running network services is not something that I can accomplish by clicking "next, next, forward" in a GUI. This is why I am surprised to see all of the ports open on Windows, because I do not recall explicitly hunting for each service that I wanted and turning it online. :/


    Anyway, I looked up some of the ports and some of them seem reasonable for the services I use (or used to use; I now print to file on my systems most of the time and file-sharing is usually done via SSH), but what did I out of ignorance do that caused msrpc to run on port 135? I cannot seem to find out how I could have unwittingly opened that one.

    When Windows asked you if you were on a Public network or a Home or Workplace network, it also explained to you, in detail, the consequences of whichever selection you chose -- including opening up the firewall ports related to file and print sharing. You should probably have read it.