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Our passion is Microsoft’s potential

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    “We expect all of our employees to have a real passion for technology”.

    So once you learn to fake an intense “passion” for any company’s current vision of technology you’re on your way to a financially rewarding career. True passion is not like that. Anybody who has ever been in love knows it’s a *, to feel so deeply about anyone or anything always has inherent conflicts. Passion is not devotion, it‘s a vision about what can be, you’ve imagined it and now you want to make it. Conflict is part of the creative process, individuals bring different perspectives and we learn from each other.

    Can we on channel9 challenge Microsoft to be a better software company?  Why are we here?  Our passion is Microsoft’s potential.

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    Well, I really like what Microsoft is doing at this stage. We really can not rush huge companies into developing huge software for us where ever we wish. Giving it sometime does just fine. Though, i believe that, if Windows XP was not leaked then the process of developing longhorn would not of had yet been started. Windows XP as you may know was a HUGE step in the windows community. Since it got leaked unto the web after the first beta, the people that leaked it got used to it and actually were getting bored of it. That is why Microsoft has started developing Windows Longhorn at this stage, to keep their customers pleased AND to keep the peoples potential up. So we really need to watch as to what we say about the potential, i would give MS some time, I mean, come on, we all know that they always come up with something good.

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