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    jamie said:
    ZippyV said:

    agreed.   it is frontpage - but with dreamweaver tacked on to it


    sorry if i like FP - (ui !) and sorry that i requested WYSISYG css - in FP 2007 - but what we got was...


    ... frontpage becomes a weird service for corporations... and the code goes to expression to be like serious photoshop app... (dreamweaver_)


    BBBZZZTT..  wrong answers hans


    tricks are for kids....  FP was for morons (true) but all the morons i know still use it - and would NEVER use dreamweaver


    and for me... - err - my friend thats a designer - ....  I say to all - you dont know the POWER that is FP... the incudes (right mouse open in new window - without frames" -= genius ... the way layers and behaviors work... graphically - genious


    Im not going to post more old stuff ive / theyve made in FP - but i won Best FP use award (back when i did nelvana website in 96-ish


    Frontpage - was not to blame for IE6 - although - thats still my fav browser (if it had ie3 coolbars and fullscreen) Wink


    F................... P............................ rocks.



    * i actually asked that fp be left to work the exact same - but all code it made was CSS


    What we got was 70 roll ups for programmers to deal with css - UN GRAPHICALLY




    edit - anyway - if you didnt sell the NAME frontpage... i like above idea - the return of frankenstien - but ALL NEW CODE AND ALL NEW OUTPUT  (SAME ui )



    the.......   end Smiley

    Frontpage can't work the same and produce all CSS.  Frontpage is fundamentally broken in the way it tries to produce table-based layouts and the like.


    It's not 2001 anymore.  IE6 and Frontpage is dead--  if you can't deal with that, you're just going to become obsolete.