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View Thread: A Roku Channel for Channel 9
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    Duncanma said:
    Duncanma said:

    After a bit more digging around, I think the advice you received (that Roku doesn't support WMV so you should use the MP4 files) is not necessarily accurate. I've seen some posts say 'Roku supports WMV playback, but not live streamed WMV' and as far as I know, netflix is sending WMV content to the Roku...



    [update] Yep, it definitely supports WMV ... you should download the SDK and give it a whirl making a 'channel' that displays and lets you pick from our WMV High feed on the home page...


    I'm a bit busy myself, and I don't have a Roku Sad

    I think it's the CDNTwo channel that doesn't support WMV in RSS feeds.


    I may have to play with this SDK Smiley