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View Thread: Standards Compliance in ASP Web Development
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    my humble opinions/observations (you may find them completely wrong in your application):

    1) use jQuery for all client side. forget the built-in controls. this won't win me many friends around here Smiley

    2) see 1

    3) depends. i like session state for smaller sites, 3rd party? yes and yes (post and querystrings)

    4) if possible use the virtual smtp server on the iis box

    5) what about multi-views?

    6) i like datagrids but you have to tweak it (look at the ondatabound event), but it really depends on your context

    7) ummm. in terms of updating (like a cms)? or just not using static text? ALWAYS

    8) cuz microsoft likes to keep things easy (not really but the opposite is true also, things work in firefox... not so in ie)