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    intelman said:
    PaoloM said:

    Not moving anything. IPS is great outside. OLED isn't. IT is just how they work, how they light the screen. I am perhaps not being very clear.


    My experience:


    Zune HD, Nexus One <<  --- Do not bother switching songs or using Google Maps, can't see the damn thing.


    Lenovo Tablet with IPS Screen  <<< ---- Can check email and write some documents, screen appears readable and usable, obviously not as good as inside, but acceptable


    Dell Laptop with a TN Screen <<<< ---- Pretty damn hard to see. Viewing angles must be just right.


    Conclusion. Do not want phone with OLED scren. Do not want laptop or notebook with anything other than IPS screen. If possible get a phone with an IPS screen.


    Plus personally, I never believed OLED to be the best choice for mobile devices anyways. 

    Personally I don't agree with your tests, plus- the technology doesn't purely dictate the quality.