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View Thread: Jobs rolls out the iPhone 4
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    Ray7 said:
    Sven Groot said:

    Yes, the screen looks very impressive, but given Apple's continual leaning toward exaggeration, I think I'll wait to see it for myself. If it's as good as Engadget says it is then it could explain why Apple has no interest in e-ink screens.



    I might actually buy one of these things. Or more likely, wait until they upgrade the iPod Touch.


    I don't mind so much about the lack of a 64-bit version though; I haven't even managed to fill an 8GB Touch.


    It is not the sharpness of the text that causes eye strain.  It is the backlight.  iPhone 4 still has a backlight so it would still be harder on the eyes than e-ink. 


    I am a bit confused as to who would actually want to read a book on a phone.  It seems like the screen (especially the iPhone screen) is too small to read on comfortably.  I also don't know of anyone that would sit down and edit videos on their phone.  It seems to be that Apple is grasping at straws trying to find something that is innovative and just coming off as desperate.