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    magicalclick said:
    turrican said:

    Although we can really move into the domain of upgradable mobile deiveces. I remember there is something called VidDock. I find it really cool. If we really made a full fledged interface to connect graphics card externally, we are essentially able to game Crysis at High on a notebook. I wasn't able to try it out because it is using notebook card, which is already phased out on my HP notebook.


    Imagine an interface that allows you to add additional CPU, RAM, GPU using a simple unified external connection, I think we would be able to phase out desktop at most cases. Because wouldn't it be cool to have everything on your notebook and when you are at home, you can upgrade your notebook for higher processing load. No need more data sync, no need or two copies of software, no need for two desktop, and much much more.

    Random crazy musings, none of which is guarenteed to make any sense:


    Having fancy docks is redundant and too complex in most cases. It should be fine as long as there is a solid sync story. If I can be guaranteed that the things that I care about are going to be accessible to me when and where I happen to be, then I'm happy. This assumes ubiquitous wireless broadband, but I already have that so no big deal. What I don't have yet is the hardware and software to make this happen.


    WP7 and Live Wave 4 will partially deliver on this, but there is still a way to go. Live Sync needs to go beyond allowing me to Sync specific files and folders. Doing that is fine, but I want the ability to browse and search across my entire personal cloud. I don't need a document to be specifically sync'd to my phone if I can browse to it and have it download in a few seconds.


    At some point I'd like to be able to have video streamed from my Home Server and be able to pause and resume from any of my devices. Start watching a recorded show at home, pause it and be able to move to another room in the house, or finish it on my phone during lunch. This also applies to documents, email, pictures, and any other kind of content. If I'm working on a document on my desktop, I would like to be able to click a button to send it to my phone and open it without having to save it to a place that is sync'd, pick up my phone, browse to the file, open it and scroll to where I am. The same for pictures. If I'm at home hanging out with friends and I want to show somebody a picture on my phone, no big deal. If I want to show the picture to everybody in the room, I should be able to quickly send the image to the TV (Assuming some kind of Media Center) without doing much more than turning it on.


    It's fine if there are different operating systems, hardware platforms, and form factors. They just need to be able to talk to each other in a consistent, integrated way. My phone, desktop, laptop, tablet, and media center should be more than compatible devices. Those devices are what make up my personal cloud, the whole of which is greater than the sum of it's parts.