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View Thread: "legacy PC apps", Google invents Remote Desktop / VNC! :D
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    rhm said:

    Yeh, a future where the default way to use an app is via HTML5 makes me sad because it's just so *-backwards.


    I appreciated it when people found ways to create user-interfaces in HTML and JS because it was attractive for certain use-cases - no extra software to install on client; updates are made once on the server; works on a variety of platforms. Originally what they could do was limited, and gradually browsers have been improved to make more and more possible without questioning: if the original goal was creating a technology to make application user-interfaces work cross-platform, and remotely, would you end up where we are now with HTML5?


    I think the answer is emphatically: no. You'd probably end up with something more like Silverlight. But because Silverlight isn't a 'standards based effort' and also because it's not very ambitious (MS sees it as competition for Flash rather than as a replacement for the web), most industry effort is behind HTML5.

    Indeed. It's so insane. It feels like going back to DOS and trying to make buttons and windows and what not from scratch... then came Windows... and the rest is history.


    Maybe this is what web is trying to do... or I don't know. It's so silly trying to make full applications in HTML... maybe not silly but actually pretty insane.


    Maybe the issue started where "almost regular" users felt like they are developers and made "home pages"... somehow, as soon as it's the web we talk about, all people think they know what is best since they know a little HTML.


    Annoying. I'm glad Silverlight is here though.


    I'm learning Silverlight not because Windows WPF apps are bad, but because I see Silverlight as what the web should have been from the start. I frankly hope that Silverlight someday becomes the replacement of Windows applications. I almost think that is where we are headed right now... but very very very slowly to not kill off the ecosystem of Windows too quickly so everyone can adapt.


    20 years from now... maybe everything will be running in something like Silverlight.


    Flash tried but failed because it was kind'a "script"... but Silverlight + C# + VS can not even remooooooootely be compared to Flash. Maybe Flash was a test run... who knows.


    One thing I'm sure of though... although we see all this "fight" going on between the big giant corps... in the background, most likely they are buddy buddy at some level.