Ian2 said:
msemack said:

This looks like the closest match over here:




I've had a few petrol based so maybe its time to try something new ..

I have seen some newer cordless trimmer that use Lithium Batteries or are higher voltage.  They might be more compelling:

I have also seen similar Lithium Battery models from the other major power tool companies at our local Home Depot.


For me personally, I use some other tools that share the same battery (http://www.blackanddecker.com/ProductGuide/CategoryOverview.aspx?cPath=1498.4945).  So I probably wouldn't upgrade my trimmer unless I was upgrading everything.  Maybe once B&D comes out with Lithium equivalents of all of them.


As I said before, the battery power definitely has it's limits.  When the battery gets low, it will start to bog and slow down.  I only use it for a total of <30min after mowing to tidy up.  If I had a bigger yard or fancy landscaping to maintain, I would probably use a gas trimmer.