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View Thread: Natal / Kinect at E3
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    Bas said:
    Minh said:

    Admittedly, even though the dancing game looks goofy, I think that's the best thing they showed in the entire presentation. Fitness... could work a lot better than on a controller that simply measures your balance, but still, it's so shameless.


    The rest looked like the sort of minigames you find in Raving Rabbids, except as separate games. I really hoped the whole controllerless thing would've enabled people to come up with something groundbreaking, but it's all the same kind of gameplay we've had on Wii for years, except this time you jump instead of waggle. They even managed to make a game in which you are a freaking Jedi look boring. Where was the demo of the Kinect bits in Fable 3? Why didn't Johnny Chung-Lee come out to show something mindblowing? That Forza 'look around in this car' thing would've been amazing in that head-tracking semi-3D thing he came up with.


    Man. Playstation Move looked like the worse of the two new technologies to me since it's basically nothing more than a more precise Wiimote. But after this, I think Sony may have the more compelling show lined up for us.


    Of course, all this could be a big hit with the target audience, who knows. I'm just dissapointed that target audience is apparently not me.

    Damn! My classic 360 might be on e-bay soon


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