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    No, because my method involved none of that, my method + domain black lists would successfully stop spam. You haven't really explained how or why that would stop spam so I conclude you don't know anything. And are just repeating what you heard by the fountain.

    The entire .Mail TLD is just a big money pit.. features this, features that.. and encryption to stop spam is moronic, simple as that.

    My method relies on two things
    1. Verify the domain source.
    2. Block bad-sources.

    And is compatible with current anti-spam laws in both the UK and USA. It also does so is a cheap way that can be rolled out on part or all of the infrastructure. As an added advantage it can be used firstly on clients and then later on servers.

    When I say cheap I mean from everyone's point of view, it couldn't get much simpler and cheaper. And the simple solutions work.

    You might all be thinking, well can't spammers use real accounts? Well yes. But when they do and the owner gets complaints they can be assured that their servers did actually sent those emails and can react on it. At the moment the From info could be completely fake.