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Help, HDD issue.

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    Hello, I have no idea what to do, here is my problem. I have the western digital 1TB external HDD mybook. NTFS format. I used firewire connection. I am trying to copy 200GB of data (not single file) onto it. But, the drive just stucked. In the monitor, mybook (F) is super busy, but no activity. Blue (Activie Time) = 100% and Green (IO through put) = 0KB. What is going on? Is my HDD dying?


    I think the drive is still working, but, it takes forever to start writing data, and it will soon, stop and not doing anything for a long time. So the copy process is stop > write a bit > stop again.


    What's going on? Thank you.

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    what did chkdsk /f /r report?

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    could be many things depending ....


    for example 200 gigs of random files like i have may take time for the OS to read as i tend to have like a billion folders with tinny files....

    like web sites with small png files and web pages


    that can also have a lot of file fragmenting that adds to the time it takes...


    also is the OS vista / xp or 7 ??


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    Shining Arcanine

    Download System Rescue CD and use it to run smartctl on the drive to read the drive's smart data.

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