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View Thread: I'm going back to VS2008
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    I downloaded the free trial of VS2010 Pro, and I *REALLY* wanted to find a good reason to hate it, or at least not enough to justify paying for the upgrade from my VS2008-Pro, but unfortunately... I’m hooked.


    I think it must be the blue background and WPF-ness that sold me... as I’m prepared to forgive the longer start-up time, and even the fact that I can’t read the text on many of the dialogs is not enough to turn me off... and the useless help... well... VS help has always been useless, so no change there... I’ve long since learned not to waste my time with it, and just use Google.


    As far as indenting is concerned, I don’t see a problem, and I find it’s actually a bit smarter than VS2008 for some things, and at least, seems no dumber.


    Damn-it, it’s all shiny and stuff... so now I have to find the money for it... as the Express edition just doesn’t cut it for me.


    I suspect this must be how Apple users feel... and I'm ashamed of myself for wanting it... but I do... and I don't *REALLY* need food...