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View Thread: I'm going back to VS2008
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    I've been using VS2010 for a few weeks now, and I'm finding it hard to like it. Too many things simply irk or otherwise annoy me with the new IDE:

    • The WPF-based UI is slow and laggy in parts, for example when opening menus for the first time.
    • I can't seem to get it to indent lines when I create new ones, like every version of VS has done until 2010, and it's very annoying to be doing ballroom dancing with my fingers on my keyboard to find the caret reverted to column 1 and having to then manually indent. It gets extremely irritating and a massive hinderance to my productivity.
    • The documentation system, there really is no excuse for this. H3Viewer isn't any help because it takes up to 5 times as long to do something as MSDN2008. Never mind the lack of filtering options.
    • When developing against .NET2.0 the autocomplete window lists options for .NET4.0.
    • And the intellisense window isn't resizable either. I get claustrophic.
    • It's impossible to radically reorganise the toolbars: you can't move a menu item from one sub-menu to another sub-menu, only top-level editing is allowed, and you can't change button icons either. Which means I can't have my preferred menu and toolbar layout I've had since VS2003.
    • I can't get IE8 Script Debugging to work at all, I get cryptic errors about DLLs not being registered and having to re-install VS2010. IE debugging has always "just worked" in VS2008.

    The only benefit I've had with VS2010 is the ability to arbitrarily move document windows about, but this is on my laptop where there isn't any space to drag them to.


    Also, as my laptop is the only machine with VS2010 it means I need to maintain separate *.sln and *.proj files for both VS2010 and VS2008.


    I'm sticking with 2008.


    What's everyone else's experiences?