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    Dr Herbie

    vesuvius said:
    W3bbo said:

    I agree about won't fix being irritating, but it is a numbers game at the end of the day.


    Microsoft themselves use the C++ editor to build visual studio and thousands of their own developers are not complaining. When you have worked on a large software application supporting many thousands of users, you learn to prioritise bug fixes and issues.


    I bet you on connect there are loads more issues with loads more people complaining about, so rather than please 1 or 2 people,  and annoy hundreds or thousands, a decision is taken against you, as in this case.


    I have not used C++ for 5 years or so, but something tells me there is a fix available for this issue, either a setting or a registry hack.


    Mind you, I installed Windows 7 and just used it, just like I installed Visual studio 2010 and just used it. People that stayed on XP and missed Vista have a lot more to learn abaout win 7, but to me Vista and windows 7 are very similar.


    I think (I mean this in the nicest way) that you should "deal with it" as Dr Herbie would say.

    "I think (I mean this in the nicest way) that you should "deal with it" as Dr Herbie would say."


    Actually I would scream "ADAPT OR DIE!", but that's my academic history coming back to haunt me Tongue Out


    Flexibility is important, especially if you ever end up as an on-site contractor; you have to be able to instantly adopt the local practices.

    If Asperger's people can learn to be sociable, can they also learn to be adaptable?