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    leeappdalecom said:
    W3bbo said:

    I very much doubt anyone will get near £800 a day unless in a niche financial sector.  Typically C# development is between £250 and £400 a day in London.  I'm doing SharePoint stuff at the moment and towards the upper end of the pay for that type of development and thats around £550 a day. 


    Also £500 a day for doing Excel + VBA? I very much doubt it.  That may be what consultancies and recruitment agencies are charging but I very much doubt it reflects what the dev is getting paid. I've been contracting for over 5 years and never seen rates like that even before the recession hit. 

    Am going by my own experience... I think the important point might is I probably am coming from a 'niche financial sector' perspective.


    I have no experiance of jobbing developer work, where every new project is a new industry.


    Those rates are either what I've charged or as a manager what I've paid - discounting recruitment agent %. For the Excel+VBA developer I should have added previous business experience/knowledge would be assumed. ie that's about the rate for an Excel/VBA developer that can just be put on the trading floor and work directly with the business. I guess that is pretty niche.