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    Simo said:
    leeappdalecom said:

    Am going by my own experience... I think the important point might is I probably am coming from a 'niche financial sector' perspective.


    I have no experiance of jobbing developer work, where every new project is a new industry.


    Those rates are either what I've charged or as a manager what I've paid - discounting recruitment agent %. For the Excel+VBA developer I should have added previous business experience/knowledge would be assumed. ie that's about the rate for an Excel/VBA developer that can just be put on the trading floor and work directly with the business. I guess that is pretty niche.



    Ok that makes more sense, I've worked in the financial sector but never really gained the hard core knowledge and never really wanted to stay there.  I prefer to be product expert if I can hence the SharePoint work I'm doing at the moment so I'm more immune to certain industries going * up.  Thats why I've never had a day without work in 11 years.