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View Thread: Ok , Windows Live Essential : Wave 4, Microsoft is ready TODAY!!!
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    Has anyone been able to chat to Facebook friends on it or even see their status?


    I can only send the Facebook equivalent to email and the status only changes if I have the same contact in Messenger and they are signed into it.


    Anyone had a different experience?


    As for what I think of the whole thing. The fonts in the Social part of Messenger are too large and render poorly. It would be nice to have a choice to change the font sizes, or even the font.


    Also disappointing is that Photo Gallery still does not support the raw photos my Sony DSLR takes. It keeps telling me to download a driver that I have already installed. The driver works for Windows itself but not for Photo Library. Perhaps it's not their fault but I imagine it's in their interests to be compatible with all the major raw formats.


    Actually does anyone know the correct channel to send feedback for this Beta?