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View Thread: iPhone 4 reception problems: Jobs replies
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    I liked this comment; 


    "This is a product of the culture Apple has cultivated and the fans have bought into. Only Apple can get away with releasing a phone that doesn't make phone calls because they know whatever they release, 600k people will buy it sight unseen. Then when problems start rolling in, Apple knows they can blame the user and they will take it in stride.

    For all you people who spent all day refreshing the Apple store webpage trying to get a preorder through, or stood in line for 3 days to be the first kid on your block to have the shiniest new toy: this is your fault. 

    Now it's your responsibility to set it right by voting with your wallet. Return your iPhone and don't buy a new one until this is met with a response other than "Hold it differently"


    Yet the iSheeps will still buy it.