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    That was funny and well made - I wonder who paid for it?



    • A: Aligning Java and Open Source is a push - just because they're both generally non-Microsoft things, they don't belong together. Open Sourcers hate Java as much as they do Microsoft stuff.
    • B: Even though this is a marketing film, it does fairly represent the attitude of the Java camp which is an assumption of superiority. C# is surely a better language than Java by any realistic comparison. And I'd be surprised if Java's hotspot runtime is any faster than .NET4. And the deployment story with Java is a disaster.
    • C: Java's biggest claim is cross-platform support, but Java is no more portable than C++ if you want to produce a good product. You still have to test everywhere and you still have to use platform-specific UI libraries if you want to have a good UI. They've also somehow missed the irony that .NET only exists because of Sun's insistence on licencees sticking to their cross-platform dogma. Oh, and from an Open Source point of view this is also ridiculous - Ruby is cross-platform, Python is cross-platform, PHP is cross-platform.