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    rhm said:
    javaplayer said:

    look mate, you might be better off expending your energy to convince the Java dinosaurs to keep the faith - trying to convince .NET developers to switch to Java == massive waste of time. Why don't you try and convince some Python or Ruby developers to switch to Java? That ought to be fun to watch.


    Java is the Cobol of the 21st century. Yes, enterprises will have Java code to maintain for decades, but it's long ceased to be a source of interest for anyone.


    As for Android, I'll note it doesn't actually run Java on the device. Google didn't want to pay Sun phat money to licence the only bit of Java that they still charge for so they designed their own bytecode and virtual machine to run it.


    By the way, Monodroid is in BETA and already benchmarks faster than the new JIT runtime in Android 2.2. I can't say that's a bad thing for Java because as I already said, Android doesn't actually run Java on the device, but it does show that it's hard to get motivated when you're giving something away for free.


    I actually am programming professionally in Java. My previous job has been with .NET. Java is very much like C#, other then the lack of Properties and Extension methods. I think it might be inspired from C# or the other way around. Smiley


    I can't really agree with anything you said really. Java seems to be huge. It has this really big ecosystem too, it seems that while with .NET most everything emanates from 'the source' in Redmond. Java has a huge diverse ecosystem of stuff from Oracle, VMWare, IBM, Google, and Apache. Among many others. Very cool.