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    javaplayer said:
    rhm said:


    Install the Andoid SDK in your Eclipse, then copy/paste or link your non-UI Java code and it will work out of box.

    What you are trying to do is to technically mislead and that's no fun for anybody.


    "Java is the Cobol of the 21st century"



    So you do want to claim that Android runs Java? Care to explain why it runs it so slowly? Care to explain why Sun/Oracle engineers aren't working to make it super-fast?


    The reason for the first is: Android doesn't run Java, it runs some cobbled-together bytecode that a company Google acquired came up with to avoid paying Java licence fees. Oh, and also to avoid getting into the political bullsh!t that Microsoft did with Sun whereby Sun want all licencees to use the same half-arsed UI toolkits on all platforms to maintain their utopian cross-platform dream. Which is the answer to the second question: Sun/Oracle engineers aren't working to make Java on Android faster because Android doesn't run Java.


    Did I mention already that .NET only exists because of Sun's cross-platform politicing? Oh yes, I think I did.


    Like I said, you're better off putting your advocacy time into pursauding current Java developers away from checking out alternatives. You aren't going to convince C# developers to use Java unless their job depends on it. Every time I'm forced to look at Java source it makes my sick with it's verbosity (and also the crappy layout style they insist in using, though I guess Java developers could chose to lay out their code so it isn't just one ugly mess).