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    W3bbo said:
    Bass said:

    I don't do any "Enterprise" development, so I can't vouch for Java's Spring framework, i just kinda figured that most of the important things would have already been covered by System.EnterpriseServices, whatever's new in .NET4.0, and things like Microsoft's Enterprise library.


    It seems the main point being driven in the video was Java's cross-platform support, which is fair enough: Microsoft has only given a token of support to Mono, but beyond support for the major desktop and server platforms (Linux, OS X, and Windows) the only limits to .NET's portability are embedded applications and handhelds (and Java isn't on the iPhone either).


    ...given that .NET is marketed and based on the desktop and server development concepts and not really meant for embedded development (beyond Windows Mobile) I don't think this is that big a limitation.


    I'm worried Microsoft might fight-back and make another PDC video in a similar vein to the anti-Linux Matrix parody, it was alright, but inaccurate (Kernel recompilation and unstability aren't hallmarks of Linux as they portrayed, and it's hypocritical for them to speak of platform lock-in and "choice").

    Well there is a Spring.NET too, you know.