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    Soma blamed you for not seeing him often enough, and only at product launch, so it would be good to see him.


    Rico Mariani for the move to WPF in Dev 10, it is a phenomenal release with all the features.


    I would love to see Dave Cutler.  Why? read the statement from Microsoft; Cutler is generally considered one of the top programmers worldwide


    Please continue to find the larnier's and people of that sort, the unscripted, I did not reherse interviews are always great, pure edification.


    Beth Massi needs a better camera, as her excellent shows could be better presented in the word of HD screens.


    Looking at the internet recently, sites like or are all defaulting to having mobile versions of their site. People are accessing the web from all sorts of nooks and crannies now. It would be suicide not to have a version of the site targeted at mobile devices, not just Windows Phone 7.


    Dr Meijers series on functional programming theory was excellent, but the world of computer science is a wide one, another series like that would be welcome.