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    exoteric said:
    JoshRoss said:

    Isn't it obvious, Josh? Smiley


    There's a list of topics in there with practical impact for more or less all developers, at least at some point in time. Some of it has already happened (LINQ, M), some of it is still ahead.


    It's the cutting edge between research and technology that fascinates me - pipelining advanced ideas into new products. A subsequent topic is how these things are then applied internally (dogfooding); especially because Microsoft is one of its own largest customers and how they solve their problems is worthwhile to hear about. Success stories in other words (or potentially, failure stories.)


    I also can't wait to see RxC++ roll out, and that's not as a C++ developer but just to experience better products as a result of this technology and to carry over lessons learned to C# and .NET development, where possible, or vice versa.


    I think Charles knows best who to talk to and when, so the list can be seen as a list of topics to dive into. I'll leave it up to C9 on how to materialize it, they've been doing fine in the past.


    I will say that two people that do interesting things that it would be interesting to hear from again are: Eric Lippert (great blog, underexposed here) and Joe Duffy (also great blog, also underexposed here).


    Minh: Boxing? ... I had imagined wrestling heh

    I will get Eric to come on. He's got a lot to teach us. In terms of Joe, well he's working on a private incubation... I'll see if he has anything not related to what he's doing to talk about (he's also incredibly busy, so don't hold your breath...).