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    As stated by other people it would be cool to see side by side talk with MS and non-MS tech people. I would really like to hear what they think about MS technology. On a related note I would like to see more non-political answers about painful questions like where are WP7 multitasking and copy/paste and how are MS gonna push their phone OS when Android and iPhone both have these features and also have applications, or how about this recent article on Ars Technica about the new Live Sync that points out that Sync sux in very strange ways, or maybe why the hell did the ASP.NET folks kill the new ASP.NET client features (client side data templates) the moment they were born. I don't know if you are allowed to do this kind of interviews but I am a bit bored when the interviews sound like an advertisement. What you are discussing are not usually the questions that come up when I have to make the case for MS tech at work.


    Of course I also would like to see everyone's favourites Hanselman, Eric, the Gu and if I may add Anders (Hallowed be His name).