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    # 1 priority:  make C9 work better.

    fix the code, get Rev9 going or buy a system that works from a vendor or hire more devs whatever it takes.

    make it work right. make it stable.


    after that dump the more polished marketing stuff and get back to the roots of a C9 video, shaky hand held camera and folks who do not know what the talk will be.... surprise them! make it real!


    and finally my personal "wish we could do this but i am sure we can't"  put folks on the spot!

    like hey what the &^^# happend to this "INSERT NAME OF PRODUCT HERE"


    like my question about Virtual PC and 64 bit.

    or why Office x64 and WIndows Phones fail to work together - well outlook sync anyway.

    or what about Steady State and the long list of folks begging for support in Windows 7 for that tool.


    There are a bunch of things like that that i wish I could have a one on one chat with the PM's about why they failed to handle them...


    Not that i want to make fun of them but rather I would sure like to find out why and what will it take to make it happen.



    then here is a very targeted request:

    Talk to the "Point of Service" folks who publish the MS POS for .Net

    right now it's under the Windows Embeded but that really is just WRONG!

    it should be for any version of windows and needs to be updated to install with .Net 4.0

    I am using it with 4.0 but the customers have to install 2.0 and 4.0 versions of .Net to use it.

    it has an installer that requires the 2.0 .net for no good reason that i can find.


    if you do not know what POS is it's the software for doing stuff for point of sale systems, like printing the sales slip on the 40 column printers you see everyday at stores and fast food places.