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    FY11 = budget planning? => Hire more C9 developpers to speed up C9 Revolution


    I want to see more "old school" Channel 9 video's. Talking with the person who wrote code or designed the architecture of a new product. And know why they did certain things in a certain way (thinking back to Live Mesh video's that went into dept about why they uses XML/json to communicate , how P2P worked,..). The new products I think about are: new Windows Live (essentials and web) , Kinect , new Xbox console hardware , revolution 9 progress , silverlight 4/5 team ...

    Video's not demoing the functionality but explaining what is going on on the backend.


    Personal thing: It would be cool to see and end-to-end video about windows Azure. What does that datacenter look like? What happens when you add a new container? How is Azure maintained and how does the setup look for somebody monitering Azure datacenter? (not how developpers can moniter there app running in Azure)