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    Sampy wrote:

    As the writer of a deployment blog whose freetime is slowly increasing, would you be more interested in MSI information, VS Setup projects, or more forward looking info about ClickOnce and what we've got up our sleeve for Whidbey. I'm most knowledgable about the latter but I can put together some information from my team (who worked on VS Setup projects in 2002/2003) if you have MSI queries.

    I'm really interested ClickOnce and how it deals with security  settings. I'm planning on creating C# game that uses managed direct3d. However even though its managed direct3d it is still treated, security wise, as unmanaged code.

    I love how ClickOnce is able to recognise the app version and download a new version when available. I'd like to know more about this and how it might be used to only download certain sections of an application when they are needed. For instance, you might want the client to only download Level 2 after he has completed Level 1.