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    If i'm not mistaken, it will be included in the future versions of Windows.

    Longhorn is due in 2006/2007, that's in the future alright. I don't know about you but I wish MS would stuff the SP2 and the .Net Framework into XP and call it Windows XP version 2.0

    .NET also runs on Win2k/98/Me/NT.

    Is .Net a smooth install on Win98? I did install it on 98 years ago (Framework 1.0) but I don't think it was a smooth install. I could be because I was installing the SDK and the client. The 1.1 Framework client might be smooth install.

    Tell those user that .NET is what makes sure that Windows app work secuerly and smooth.

    That's a bad argument they might counter with "but I use Photoshop which is Win32, isn't that secure and/or smooth? Are Adobe building insecure applications?". Besides people decide themselves whether or not to trust a company and download their application.

    And that it's the future for windows apps, and possibly also some *nix apps (mono).

    Will Mono be able to handel WinForms? GDI+?