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    There are several companies taking advantage of the .Net framework.

    What companies? 

    Are there any shareware companies that you know of that use the .Net framework in their products (non-developer products that is)?

    I'm glad to hear about point 4.  I hope that C# Builder has the same features for it's installer, anybody know?

    And honestly in this day and age a 20meg download isn't that big for something that will provide you access to so much.

    It's a big ask, especially since your competing against Win32 programs that don't ask the customer to jump through hoops. Like I said Microsoft could easly change this by releasing some cool .Net apps like free games or what-not which would entice people to install the framework.

    By the way I do use the framework at work to connect to my Access database and to interact with a PDF conversion program I use but I don't have VS.Net. I use Notepad and SharpDevelop.