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    ThomasAesir wrote:
    There are several companies taking advantage of the .Net framework.

    What companies? 

    Are there any shareware companies that you know of that use the .Net framework in their products (non-developer products that is)?

    I can't speak for everyone, but I am the lead developer for aiMutation, an add-in to AOL's IM client.  We're currently working on our 2.0 version and it's using a combination of MC++ and C#.  The only C++ code remaining will be for purely technical reasons, because we need to do things that simply cannot be done (easily) with .NET.  (Things like Import Address Table modifications of a running process/module.)

    We've taken a poll of our userbase and most of our users don't care about the potential 20 meg download.  Also, if they've been keeping up with Windows Update and installing optional items in addition to the critical items, then they already have the framework installed anyway.

    Just my .02c