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    Ian2 said:
    spivonious said:

    Thanks for the feedback. 


     I have put up a version of the new scoring system, it took me a little time as there are some quirks to scoring in this game  (when you get 3 in a bed the other player gets the next point). 


    I've also added scrollbar support (my HTML is a bit rusty)


    A side effect of the new scoring system is the removal of the alert windows.

    Whilst I appreciate you are keeping to the pure form of the game the win condition does seem to take a long time. 

    It would also be a big help to be able to identify which side was in play. A moments distraction and you can lose who is to play. This may be removed if there is an "against the computer" mode.

    For beginners it would also help if there was some indication of when the calculations indicated the coin was in a bed.