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    Ian2 said:
    Sven Groot said:

    Nice Option 1


    We use the existing back end feeds and interfaces to service our app (this isn't looking too hopeful at the moment - unless we have  severley limited phone app functionality).


    so ...


    Nasty Option 1


    If we can spec all the feeds we need, maybe we can get that agreed for the future desktop incarnation, and in the short term we could build them ourselves (ie cobble them together via existing feeds and screen scraping - yes, I said it) 


    Nasty Option 2


    We build an app over the existing HTML - our app parses the HTML and adds useful new mobile functionality (EG Save this video to my Phones' Zune) etc.



     Given that we have a nice compliment of developers we might consider doing all three and seeing where that leaves us?

    The public facing web services are more than adequate for viewing right now.  It's editing and adding content that gets hairy (I didn't dig far enough into it to figure out how to authenticate and edit posts).


    Sounds like it's a moot point, though, if the web services are going to disappear with Rev9.  It'll probably make doing this right impossible--   RSS?  Eew...  Sad