HumanCompiler said:
CannotResolveSymbol said:

Because beginners don't need all that other stuff.  To build a simple site, VS is way too much.

Ah yes, but to build a simple site ASP.NET is too much.


Microsoft needs to stop shoehorning ASP.NET into the "one-size fits all" it wants it to be, because it isn't. ASP.NET is not appropriate for small-scale websites, PHP won there, and Microsoft needs to leave it at that, anything else is just wasting their time.


I know Microsoft wants to attract the non-professionals and the hobbyists, but there are downsides to letting in the general riff-raff in. PHP has a bad reputation especially in security, whist PHP itself is secure as ever, it's the people who use it that largely got it there. I don't want to see the same thing happen to .NET.