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View Thread: "Microsoft Out of Favor With Young, Hip Developers"
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     The university I attend does C/C++ for most courses (x86 and MIPS for low level courses) in the CS program and all Linux (Redhat to be specific) with g++ and Emacs based. We have some teachers who are Linux lovers, going as far as to distribute discs of the OS in class, others don't care. Since I have a minor in MIS (Business college), I took 2 programming classes there, and they use VB for one class and Java for the other, but MIS majors are not coders per se. 


     I've been doing C# after getting into XNA. I wanted to learn some new tech in the summer and decided on C# because MS gives me a free copy of VS2010 and C# is an accessible and productive language. Being hooked ever since. But most students don't care for MS technologies since the school stays clear of it. I think the Dreamspark and MSDNAA initiatives are a good start, XNA is also a nice push. MS needs to show how easy it is to build complex apps with their tools to win over more students.