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View Thread: "Microsoft Out of Favor With Young, Hip Developers"
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    Shining Arcanine


    It looks like Microsoft is losing mindshare in people coming out of college. I cannot say that this is surprising, although the connection that is made between that and the KIN phone is something I find surprising, as I had no idea that it even existed before it was cancelled.


    If Microsoft is losing mindshare in this area, then what languages are the people coming out of college using? At my university, all of the computer science majors graduate with a certain level of proficiency in Java, because it is required in almost all programming courses in the curriculum, with the exception of games programming. If young developers are not using Microsoft software, then I know for certain that they are not using .NET. In which case, are these developers doing programming in C/C++, Java or some other language, like Python or Objective C?