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    ManipUni said:

    I cannot speak to this article but I know a lot of college graduates and people in masters programs, I would say C#, VB.Net, and Java are all very popular. The reason why is very simple - all three are free to learn and have great resources for students. Universities seem to be adopting C# from Java however.


    I'm not sure what a "young, hip developer" is. I think "hip developer" is an oxymoron within its own right.


    It is worrying how unpopular ASM, C/C++, and other lower level languages are outside of the elite technology schools - some of which barely give a good programming education as is.


    edit: Seems the NY piece is a bunch of lies that misquoted Tim O' Reilly. What he actually said was that young startup companies are very interested in mobile platforms - iOS 4.0 and Android. Which sounds like it could be true, mobile platforms are cheap relatively speaking to create revenue generating software for. I would say that Microsoft might be falling behind in that area as they lack any real competition in the mobile area (despite what you read on the C9 forums)/

    for us it was different .... all design students - in all colleges - are taught on MACs - illustrator.


    we were a web shop - and pc design ad shop.  the photoshop work learned was good - but illustrator in our world is like a word perfect file in a word shop = akkk!


    the only thing i hate more than ballmer is illustrator Tongue Out   bloated eps - die! die! die!


    * i agree with jobs again = adobe SUCKS  (eps = die   PFB = die  FLV = die etc)