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Hello Tablet world!

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    z33driver wrote:
    I was curious, are the Ink posts searchable?  Does it store the Ink image and the recognized text in the database so you can search on it?  I suppose if the handwriting recognizers aren't good enough yet you would need some way to let the user doublecheck the recognized text.

    Go back into this thread. Everything you just mentioned is stated in full.

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    Well, I bought citable today. Toshiba Satellite Ris. This is veryiverycoot } I looked back in the three. It seems that only search engines index the invoke, but not CD. Anyway, I like this tablet, but have few issues - it gets Holton my lap, which sucks because I bought this to replace my Dell for this reason. Also, Toshiba tin*'' press balls 00. much useless junk! And they keep trying to sell me more steps J stuff u on start menu, in IE homepage, and registration me *Eraser No Worktop

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    Frankie Fresh

    So, how do we get this to work with .NET 2.0?


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    scobleizer wrote:
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    that is not water, that is a radical hydrogen dioxide, but the formulae structure is worng Smiley

    water is 

    H    H         (H2O),
    But Hydrogen Dioxide , can kill germs (its a toxic substance) in your mouth Smiley

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    Yes, I agree. if cool! This is

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    I still can't ink here on my LE1600. It just boots me to the homepage when I click the New Ink Message icon.

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