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View Thread: Disappointed about WP7 APIs
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    Clint said:
    W3bbo said:

    so the lack of these c/c++ libraries is stopping you from building apps?

    Straw-man fallacy:


    "so the lack of these c/c++ libraries is stopping you from building apps?"


    I never said the lack of C/C++ code reuse was stopping me from building WP7 applications. I said it was stopping me, and tens of thousands of developers, from building whole classes of applications.


    Here is a list of applications that you can make for Android and iOS which you cannot do on WP7 because of this:

    • Augmented Reality
    • Musical instruments (proper ones, not cheap "press piano key, play("noteDFlat.wav");"-style applications)
    • Video editing
    • Sound-effect programs using DSP
    • Developing alternatives to system features, such as Input editors (remember how WM had a load of cool alternatives to the soft keyboard?)
    • Robotics applications (lots of robotics projects used to be powered by PocketPC devices using the device's host USB controller. In one project I'm working on we decided to go with using an ASUS Netbook because of the uncertaintly over using Windows CE as a viable robotics controller).
    • I could go on...


    ...if you actually can build these with the current API framework with Silverlight or XNA, I'd sincerely like to hear your work-arounds.