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    Shining Arcanine said:
    Charles said:

    Charles, it is easy to infer from your post that the browser that ships in Windows Mobile 7 will be Internet Explorer. If you had not said that "you don't know what version of IE will ship in WP7", then Chrome or Firefox could have been possible too, but that comment narrows it to Internet Explorer.

    On Browser,

    Yes, the browser in the phone is IE.  It starts with an IE7 foundation, has fixes and improvements, and it became an IE 7.5 or equivalent .

    Microsoft is very committed to web standards -- yes, we slept at the wheel for a few years in 2006 or 2007 but we woke up a couple years ago and we are now running as fast as we can to HTML5 with IE9 -. 

    After making IE9 available in the desktop, the browser will make it onto the phone .. but I can't disclose the timeline on how soon after we release because we don't yet know it, rest assured we do want to have HTML5 in the phone and will do our best to get it in as soon as we can;   we will have to see how schedules align next year.


    With regards to V1 comments.

    I  think perception here might be stronger than reality.   I recall the iPhone 1.0 days and we are further ahead from there.  At same time, I do know new phones have features we have chosen not to enable due to security, user experience, or other concerns.  We will have to open these as soon as we can by listening to you (our developers) and our shared user base.  
    I don't call the phone a 1.0, but at same time I acknowledge that we don't have all the features that other phones have; in all cases we have more or better features and less (or not so powerful) features.   I am however confident this will change over time;  Silverlight and XNA is a strong foundation, and underneath we have a very powerful, secured and performant OS.  We have a solid foundation to iterate on quickly.  I am super excited about this. Reminds me of Silverlight where 3 years ago I was bummed hating codign to SL 1.0 using Javascript and now 3 years later I am thinking it rocks over its competitors (e.g. Flash)..    We are not as far behind as Silverlight was, so it should not take us 3 years; we will be able to delight users this year, and will be able to take marketshare year over year; this is a big opportunity, and developers who get in early have a chance to cash in..  {unlike other already saturated markets}


    Jaime Rodriguez 

    [PS-- the above is my personal view, not that of my employer]