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View Thread: Disappointed about WP7 APIs
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    Shining Arcanine

    Charles said:
    ZippyV said:

    How do you know? We haven't announced what browser will be in the shipping product...... Speculate all you want. I would recommend that you not listen to the blowhard who wrote the InfoWorld article proclaiming WP7 will fail. He's full of sh#!.


    Again, you don't know what version of IE will ship in WP7. Don't base your judgement on what you don't know.


    Native code will not be supported in WP7 V1. Can we move on? I've sent plenty of emails regarding this fact. The fact is, this is the fact: no native code. Want me to write that again? I'm tired of typing the same thing.


    rhm, WP7's architecture and underlying OS is not the same as iOS. Why are you making comparisons bewtween them? What's the point?


    Let's wait until the thing ships, you play with it, build some apps and then send us feedback based on real world usage, not theory, not speculation, not hypothesis. OK?


    I'd imagine that if lack of support for native code kills adoption by the developer community, well, you'd think we'd react and deliver accordingly. For now. it's clear the direction is managed-only. Let's see what happens in the real world.



    Charles, it is easy to infer from your post that the browser that ships in Windows Mobile 7 will be Internet Explorer. If you had not said that "you don't know what version of IE will ship in WP7", then Chrome or Firefox could have been possible too, but that comment narrows it to Internet Explorer.