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View Thread: Disappointed about WP7 APIs
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    PaoloM said:
    Shining Arcanine said:

    Oh yes. While Apple is busy diverting resources and effort into the iOS devices, Windows 7 is selling seven copies each second.


    I'm not saying that Apple is doing badly, au contraire, but Linux is pretty much dead on the desktop and reeling back on the server, and OS/X is dramatically failing to capitalize on the runaway success of the iPhone and iPad.


    Vista was a necessary technological step to pave the way for the current Windows generation. And still managed to outsold every other OS on the market.

    Good point, though you're assuming that a future iOS devices won't be laptops. I don't think Apple would be daft enough to take MS on from the desktop end where they're strongest. Chances are they'll go for the soft underbelly; the mobile market where MS doesn't seem to know what it's doing.  Gain a foothold there, then start on the desktop when they have thousands of developers and and millions of iPhone users who are already familiar with the iOS.