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View Thread: Disappointed about WP7 APIs
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    rhm said:
    CKurt said:

    The thing is, Microsoft are telegraphing this as very much a 1.0 release (feels more like a 0.9 to me, but anyway). I'll probably do a few simple Silverlight apps, same as everyone else will - the ease of Silverlight means the marketplace will be flooded with crap from day 1 - but I won't be recommending to anyone to buy a WP7 device.


    Unless they are very cheap, there's no reason at all to buy one instead of a newish Andoid phone, or even the >1 year old iPhone 3GS. It's OK saying "what's more important, shipping or improving the APIs?", but I'm pretty sure that's not going to be the marketing message to consumers: Hey, we just wanted to ship a phone, sorry it's all a bit half-baked, but the next version will be great, promise!

    I would be happy just to have the hardware released. It is completely within the realm of possibility that this could be vaporware or even worse, another dead branch on the Microsoft platform tree, along with the Zune HD. I hope this three-screens-and-a-cloud thing isn't a shell game.


    Speaking of games, did Steve Ballmer just say that there will Silverlight, Visual 2010 support for Windows Mobile 6.5x?