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View Thread: Disappointed about WP7 APIs
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    Android started out with a lot broader API then apple, but the platform is only now becoming stable.  I'd rather have fewer features, but have them actually not crash the phone.  You know, do it right or not at all.  They are probably finding that things like the blur effect are not implemented in an efficient enough manner to run on a 1ghz machine.  Keep in mind that as powerfull as these phones are today they are only roughly equivelant to a 10 year old desktop in computing power. 


    I am sure that they have had to do a LOT of optimizing to get silverlight to run quickly on a 1ghz processor.  And... I am very glad they did, because developing in silverlight is definitely a lot nicer then developing in the cryptic java based mvc model offered by google, or the objective c that apple is so proud of...


    That being said, I know how frusterating it can be when you hit a wall, and lets face it we allways do when developing an application!