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    Shining Arcanine

    PaoloM said:
    Shining Arcanine said:

    Oh yes. While Apple is busy diverting resources and effort into the iOS devices, Windows 7 is selling seven copies each second.


    I'm not saying that Apple is doing badly, au contraire, but Linux is pretty much dead on the desktop and reeling back on the server, and OS/X is dramatically failing to capitalize on the runaway success of the iPhone and iPad.


    Vista was a necessary technological step to pave the way for the current Windows generation. And still managed to outsold every other OS on the market.

    Are you sure that those are all Windows 7 sales? Many companies today seem to be buying Windows 7 licenses because it allows them to obtain more copies of Windows XP. Micorsoft is more than happy to advertise such sales as being Windows 7 sales, but in reality, the only thing that was being purchased was Windows XP.


    Not to mention, the 7 copies a second is not a constant rate. It is likely represents some average over time, most likely picked in such a way that the figure was as high as possible. I consider it highly improbable that the graph of sales per second with respect to time is  y = [0.65, 0.75).